My Journey through Fictional Worlds (Part 2 of My Journey in Fiction)

One of the first novels I ever read was ‘The Devils Door-bell’ by Anthony Horowitz (1983), It was the first in a series and it followed the journey of a young boy who was discovering in himself strange powers.

The series went on through three more books which I would later find and read. Sadly the series conclusion did not materialise, the fifth and final book in the Pentagram series was never published*.

Those books were my first experience with multi-novel story arcs. They were also my first experience with the concept that years may pass between instalments or even sometimes a series might remain unfinished.

The Pentagram series of books successfully motivated me to search out similar types of books, and upon the recommendation of my Great Aunt, resulted in my discovery of ‘The Rowan’ by Anne McCaffrey.

‘The Rowan’ by Anne McCaffrey, is the first in a series of novels dubbed ‘The Tower and the Hive’ (The Rowan (1990), Damia (1991), Damia’s Children (1993), Lyon’s Pride (1994), The Tower and the Hive (1999).) My enjoyment of all of those novels would lead me through to Anne’s other series of novels. Introduce me via Anne’s many collaborations to many other authors and pretty much dictate my literary tastes for years to come.

Anne McCaffrey was my original “Gateway Author” and through her books I would explore a Universe full of wonders and pass through collaborative wormholes discovering authors such as Elizabeth Moon, Jody Lynn Nye, Todd McCaffrey, S.M. Stirling and many more. A positive cover blurb by Anne, would be enough to instantly garner my attention when browsing a book shelf. Thanks to one such blurb I became addicted to the Liaden universe by Sharon Lee & Steve Miller. Anne McCaffrey was responsible for my literary formative years.

My journey through fiction would carry on, taking me to discover Alternative History novels, Space Opera, Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Hard Sci-Fi, Comic Fantasy and Comic Sci-Fi. Heck, I even read traditional thrillers such as Tom Clancy and Lee Child.
My own personal journey through fiction is by no means complete. I’m sure I will discover many new authors to obsess over, new genres to open my eyes to and more importantly – books to enjoy.

If enjoyment of life is in the journey, not in the destination – then reading is an epic journey that you can send your mind upon. It does not matter what you read, only that you do!

(* Although the Pentagram series was not completed, the Author has since published a “reboot” series titled the ‘Power of Five’. I intend on one day reading this series, as soon as I finish a few other books on my “in” pile.)


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