Traveling, London & Psyching myself up for Loncon3 a.k.a. WorldCon 2014!

It’s convention time! But will my frail human body stand up and be counted in this time of need?

Until a few weeks ago, I have been suffering terribly with BPPV (Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo), After no less than five Epley Maneuvers to solve the cause of the BPPV as well as several weeks of Vestibular Rehabilitation to retrain my sense of balance which was screwed up because of it all – I am now trying to get back to my old levels of strength & stamina.

How have I decided to do this? By being an idiot and traveling around the country!

Because of the BPPV I hadn’t seen any of my family since last year! (It started in February) So now that I’m able to move around without falling over when I so much as turn my head… I’m correcting that.

The first leg of my journey saw me travel by train from York to Northampton. Here, I have been visiting, hanging out and generally annoy anyone I can! Tomorrow will see me travel by train again, this time to London.

There I’ll be meeting up with my understanding and hopefully friendly fiancée in addition to some other friends. We will then be doing general touristy stuff in London until Thursday. Thursday is the start of Loncon3, this years Worldcon. There I’m going to be able to catch up in person with some friends I haven’t seen since Dragon Con last year, finally meet some people I’ve been stalking and stalked by for years online, and meet lots of other cool awesome people!

I’m still in a general Zen like state of indifference about the convention, but I guarantee that this will change to “Mild Excitement” – “Squee!” – “Arrrrgh! What Am I DOING?” – “MANIC PANIC MODE HAS BEEN EXCEEDED!” – “Zen like calm Redux” in that general order in the last 24 hours before the con. I know this, because that’s how my brain works before EVERY convention I have ever attended!

So look out London… Here I come!


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