… It’s been a long time, getting from there to here!

… Or, what have i been up to!

It’s been about a month since i used my brain to tell my hands to arrange a sequence of letters into something more or less comprehensible as a blog post.

Since my last post I’ve attended not one, but two conventions. Loncon3 aka WorldCon 2014, also FantasyCon2014 which is run by the British Fantasy Society. Workwise i’ve been slowly refreshing my route knowledge getting ready for a return to work back on-train in the next week or two.

I’ve contemplated putting together a long post just about those cons. But let us be honest with ourselves it wouldn’t be as interesting as many other better bloggers who attended, who have already blogged so.

Instead here is my summary of Loncon3: London BABY! Woohoo! Books! Met Sara from Inspired Quill publishing – Another Anne McCaffrey fan. An impressive game of I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue! Friends! (Todd, Jody, Bill, Kath, KC), Finally met Seanan McGuire in person! (YAY), Pok√©mon Trading, More Books, Todd introduced me to Joe Haldeman! Oh wow FREE BOOKS! So many free books that we genuinely had trouble getting them all home! Also got to meet Cory Doctorow, Charles Stross, Kim Stanley Robinson, Patrick Rothfuss, Kelley Armstrong, Diane Taylor and so many more!

Phew, having never attended a Worldcon, i hadn’t expected so many free books! Harper Voyager UK had a stall, they weren’t selling anything – just promoting. But every few hours they did a give away. They gave a lot of free books out! It was scary. Gollancz also had a stall, they were selling books as well as promoting, they had also provided a veritable truck load of books to the Fan Village Free Library. Kudos to Gollancz for that, i watched as many a small child was able to partake of books that were free, who otherwise may not have had the chance!

My summary of FantasyCon2014: York, my local stomping ground. Registration followed by FREE BOOKS! Seriously, so many free books! It was a good job i work on the railway and had a locker at the station – because i filled it up with books! Met some lovely people, watched a live version of Tea & Jeopardy – it was fantastic (my question from twitter was used by Emma!), watched a fantastic game of Just A Minute. Karaoke (I sang Wild Thing) and a cheesy Disco (I danced a lot – by that i mean i moved my limbs and body enthusiastically, not gracefully).

Oh, and i “bumped” into Seanan again on Monday whilst travelling from Newcastle to York… It was almost as if i knew which train she was going to be on! Bwahahahaha

So that’s a catch-up so far.


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