Review: Touch By Claire North

Touch by Claire North
Published by Orbit

Touch By Claire North

Touch By Claire North

This novel is good, seriously good! It’s explores so many concepts and ideas, but shines brightly by doing it exceedingly well and makes me wish I were a better person. Even worse, I find myself contemplating what makes a person “better”?

(There will be some minor spoilers after the beyond this point.)

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Hugo Awards: What will I do…

It’s been an age (in internet time spans) since the 2015 Hugo Award Nomination Shortlist was announced. Much has been said on all four metaphorical corners of fandom about the controversial short list and the methods used by certain parties to attempt to populate those short lists with their own chosen candidates.

I’m not going to talk about those parties or those methods. Instead this post is for me to express my decision on how I am going to act when considering my ballot.


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Review: “The Shambling Guide To New York City” By Mur Lafferty

The Shambling Guide To New York City by Mur Lafferty
Published by Little Brown Book Group

A charming take on the Urban Fantasy genre that manages to bring New York to life within your mind. Just make sure your mind stays in your head and isn’t eaten by a zombie!

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It’s My Birthday and I’ll Cry If I Want To… Or Maybe Just Shoot Everyone With Lasers!

Saturday was my birthday, I turned Thirty-five. In the run up to the day in question, my friends were being super secretive and sneaky – But not in a very subtle way. So I knew something was being planned, just not What.

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Dysprosium, aka EasterCon 2015.

This year I attended my first Easter Con. (Easter Con is the British Sci Fi Convention, like World Con – it moves around every year.) It was held within a literal stones throw from Heathrow Airport at the Park Inn hotel. This years EasterCon was Dysprosium, The 66th EasterCon.


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