It’s been a while since i did my Bloggy Thingy… Here’s why!

Because I Suck! (at remembering passwords)

No, seriously! I’ve wanted to blog lots* over the last few months, but because I ate my cookies or cleaned my windows (or some other Browser/PC settings thingamajig) I was not able to just blog away without logging in!

Sure, reset the password you say! Easy. Job done. Except that I SUCK! Apparently Past Hisham set up a security question. Past Hisham was being a clever SOB, but apparently Past Hisham didn’t send the memo to Present Day Hisham. (If I ever bump into that guy…)

Anyway, I’m in again. Normal sporadic blogging will now resume. I’ll be trying to do more reviews of the books I’m reading, the tech I’m using and Blog the dumb things Future Hisham does. Until then…. Catch you later.

(*OK, Maybe not lots, but definitely more than 6 times!)


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