It’s My Birthday and I’ll Cry If I Want To… Or Maybe Just Shoot Everyone With Lasers!

Saturday was my birthday, I turned Thirty-five. In the run up to the day in question, my friends were being super secretive and sneaky – But not in a very subtle way. So I knew something was being planned, just not What.

Friday evening I tweeted about watching Daredevil… and this happened.


… This was my first inkling that what my friends had planned would involve more than just eating and drinking in a pub!

The next day, as promised, my friend Lali swooped in and kidnapped me. Aided by her criminal aides Jen & Letty, I was driven to an undisclosed location. On the way we played “Guess The Movie From the Theme Music” and I tried to guess our destination.

Eventually we arrived outside the Laser Quest place at Clifton Moor in York. Here we met up with more friends and were given our pre-battle briefing! During this Briefing (actually just a video telling us the rules and warning us not to hit each other) I noticed that my Beige trousers and White Trainers were not exactly battlefield material – they stood out in the dark like a sore thumb! (The Trainers actually glowed under UV lighting!) Naturally I soldiered on, with only a minimal amount of complaints! 😉

We had two games of Free-For-All Laser Tag. I didn’t win (Because Lali was playing) but I did score “Better Than Most” – Despite standing out in the dark!

Pew pew pew!


Letty seems FAR too happy about the gun in her hand!

Following this epic battle of Man & Woman versus Man & Woman, we headed to a nearby pub and ordered food. (There was a small amount of public nudity in the carpark as some of us changed T-Shirts)

Here I was given gifts and cards. Claire and Matt gave me Lego – who doesn’t love playing with Lego? (I was told off for wanting to play with it there and then – Do I look like a Thirty-Three year old, Seriously!) Books from Lali, Gift vouchers from Grace and Mike (for more Books) before finally eating. Then there was Cake!

Birthday Cake! The Cake was NOT a lie!


After eating, goodbyes were said to Matt and Claire, Grace and Mike as they headed off into the sunset (Well, sun. The day was still young), and Lali took myself, Jen and Letty home where we met up with Tony to play games. (We played Geek Battle and I lost.)

I then spent the last part of the evening absolutely knackered slumped in bed, watching Netflix.

It was a good day!


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