Review: Touch By Claire North

Touch by Claire North
Published by Orbit

Touch By Claire North

Touch By Claire North

This novel is good, seriously good! It’s explores so many concepts and ideas, but shines brightly by doing it exceedingly well and makes me wish I were a better person. Even worse, I find myself contemplating what makes a person “better”?

(There will be some minor spoilers after the beyond this point.)

“Some People Touch Lives. Others Take Them.”

Touch is a novel by Claire North. It is a tale of what if? What if there are beings who can jump from person to person, body to body. It is a story following a being called Kepler. Like the named author Claire North*, Kepler is an assumed name.

The narrative jumps from timeframe to timeframe, laying out a backstory and worldview that makes sense of Kepler. If you’ve read the authors previous novel ‘The First Fifteen Lives Of Harry August’ (Which I loved) you will be on familiar ground and know what to expect in how this novel is structured. If you come to this novel without that experience, stick with it – as the jumping narrative works quite well as you go along.

With a premise that has potential as a horror story, as you read along you will become captivated by the numerous lives that Kepler takes over throughout history.

At it’s core (from my perspective) this story is about morality and choices, buried beneath a thrill ride. By the time you finish it you’ll be asking yourself questions you might never have considered before.

Read this book if you enjoyed The First Fifteen Lives Of Harry August. Read this book if you like thrilling mysteries. But above all else, read this book if you want to read something that is really, really good!

*Claire North is a pen name for Catherine Webb, find her on twitter at @ClaireNorth42


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