Sense8: The best show to come out of 2015? (Contains Some Spoilers!)

sense8Netflix recently unleashed Sense8 upon its subscriber base. The latest in a steady stream of “Netflix Originals” and in this blog post, I’m going to squee and generally be very effusive of it. WARNING: There will most definitely be spoilers!

Warning: Sense8 contains scenes featuring graphic child birth, violence, references and footage to/of Jean Claude Van Damme, dismemberment and some foul language. 

Sense8 is a collaboration between J. Michael Straczynski a.k.a. JMS, of Babylon 5 fame (Did you know he also worked on He-Man, She-Ra and Jayce & The Wheeled Warrior Cartoons – not to mention The Twilight Zone?) and The Wachowskis of The Matrix & Jupiter Ascending fame. (Don’t mock Jupiter Ascending, Sense8 is where they were focusing their energies)

Sense8 opens up with Daryl Hannah playing Angelica. She’s a Sense8, one of eight humans who share a mysterious link with each other (A Sense8 Cluster). Angelica “Births” a new Sense8 cluster, somehow this involves a debilitating migraine, she does this birthing on her own and thus activates the new group – who all start seeing her! Angelica is “Visited” by two other members of her cluster – Jonas (who wants to help her & the new cluster) and an un-named figure with malevolent intentions. To protect the new Sense8 cluster, Angelica promptly blows her brains out!

We then start to be introduced to the Eight Sense8’s and start learning about them and their lives over the course of 12 episodes;

Capheus: Capheus drives a Matatu (A kind of Mini-bus popular in parts of Africa) in Nairobi, Kenya. Capheus is a hard working, compassionate, optimistic and passionate man. He also has a borderline obsession with Jean Claude Van Damme – So worshipful of The Muscles From Brussels in fact, Capheus has named his Matatu after JCVD and painted it to honour him!

Sun Bak: Sun is the daughter of a powerful Seoul businessman. She has a masters in economics and working for her father’s company spends her days in the background. But by night, Sun KICKS ARSE! She is the student of a martial arts master and kicks the ever loving crap out of anyone foolish enough to go up against her in organised fights.

Riley: An Icelandic DJ living in London who has a troubled past.

Lito: An Hispanic actor living and working in Mexico City, struggling to balance his public career with his secret love life. He is very much “In the closet”.

Will: Will is a Chicago cop.

Kala: Kala is a devout Hindu, but also a well educated Pharmacist.

Wolfgang: Wolfgang is a Berlin Locksmith, he also dabbles in some… criminal enterprises.

Nomi: Nomi is a trans woman living in San Francisco. Nomi is a blogger with a history of Hacking.

As the series progresses, we learn more about how the Sense8’s are connected, how they can interact with each other and even other Sense8 clusters. We grow to love the characters as they help each other when they face problems, sharing their own understandings and in extreme cases taking over for each other and using their unique skill sets.

I LOVE THIS SHOW! I really hope Netflix commissions a second and indeed THIRD season as I want more! If you don’t fall in love with Capheus as a character – we cannot be friends, also Capheus’s Matatu the “Van Damme” is almost a character itself. Sun just kicks arse whenever arses need kicking and is just awesome! Wolfgang though, bloody hell what a back story! As for Nomi and Lito ❤ ❤ ❤ !!!!!!!

I would also very much like to hear what Jean Claude Van Damme thinks of the show!

Stand Out Moments: The Sense8’s have a singsong together. Any fight scene with Sun Bak. “THAT” Love Scene.

Do Watch If: You like season spanning story arcs, intricate plots and character entanglements, brilliant diverse characters and awesome action!

Don’t watch If: You’re a homophobic/racist!


Thank You Netflix, please – may we have more?


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