Mancunicon – aka the Eastercon with all the Bees!

Just a quick post to say… YAY I’m at Mancunicon*. I’m safely ensconced in our hotel room on the 12th floor with what I’m sure would be spectacular views of the Manchester skyline (If it wasn’t dark and cloudy) resting up (and awaiting our mysterious roommate for the weekend) in preparation for what promises to be a spectacular weekend of geekiness!

The hotel room is very swanky. We are sharing this year with a twitter friend I have never met in real life. So, hopefully N is a nice person and not a Cyborg Assassin sent from the future to kill us all and prepare the way for the takeover of the machines! 😀

I’m sure everything will go swimmingly well! 😀

Stay tuned for a blog post after the convention where I say stuff about what happened and to who! I may even tell the truth!


*I still keep calling the convention MaincooniCon and I completely blame Seanan McGuire for this head-canon! 😉


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