Book Launch: The Malice by Peter Newman.

I am absolutely knackered! The reason? I went gallivanting around London yesterday doing various geeky things (See, My Geeky Day Out!) , but the day culminated in attending the launch of The Malice by Peter Newman!

The Malice (The Vagrant, #2)

This post is about that book launch! Read on for gossip, geeking and photos of the event!

If your unsure who Peter Newman is (Don’t worry, there’s still time to find out before he conquers the world and puts you on THE LIST!), you’ll recognize him as any one or more of the following: Co-writer and voice of Latimer on the AWARD nominated Tea and Jeopardy podcast, Author of Landfall, a novel that is set in/ties in with the Albion Online MMO game, Author of The Vagrant (The Malice is the sequel), THE GOAT GUY, NO – Not that one, the one who has an awesome goat in his book, The Husband, That guy who plays a lot of Dragon Age, Dad (That’s a pretty niche group, *salute’s The Bean*), or even @runpetewrite on that Twitter!


The Vagrant was awesome. It stood out as being just that little bit different. It had the BEST (Seriously, it was AWESOME!) cover! (Well, until now – have you seen The Malice cover?) Both covers, as well as the cover for the yet to be released third book – are by the talented Jamie Jones. It had great characters, and a terrific pace. So I’ve been looking forward to The Malice for some time!The Vagrant (The Vagrant, #1)The Malice (The Vagrant, #2)

Which is why I found myself in the basement of the Covent Garden Waterstone’s on Thursday 19th of May at 6pm.

Pete had bravely decided to let another author, the wonderful Emma Newman (also his Wife) – to interview him briefly before signing books. (I say bravely, because many questions could possibly have put him in the naughty corner at home if he wasn’t careful with his answers!) There was also a Q&A with the audience, The issue of the Goat came up more than once! 😀

Before starting a signing frenzy, Pete wanted to thank a lot of hard-working people who labored behind the scenes to help The Vagrant and The Malice become the polished books that they are! A Shout out (and gift) went out to his Super Agent Juliet Mushens (and everyone else on Team Mushens who supported him), Natasha Bardon and the gang at Harper who published the books. Then he warned everyone that it was about to get soppy as he kissed his awesome wife Emma. It was all heart warming stuff! 😀

The signing itself resulted in a very long line, a jovial party atmosphere and much mingling. Free wine and cupcakes with The Malice on didn’t hurt either! (Pete challenged everyone to post a Cupcake Selfie online, so take a look at his mentions for the 19th/20th to see more!)

It was a fun night, followed by drinkies and more mingling at the Escapologist nearby. Pete had thoughtfully booked a table in advance (I don’t think the bar expected that many people to turn up though!), where the party continued. Sadly, I and my two companions for the event made an early escape to ensure that late/last trains could be caught for homeward journeys. (For all I know, Pete is still there being worshipped as a god whilst Emma looks on disapprovingly!) 😉

More photo’s I took from the launch can be found here in this handy album!

But if you’re curious, here’s MY cupcake selfie!


Congratulations Pete on another successful book launch. I hope I can make the next!


3 thoughts on “Book Launch: The Malice by Peter Newman.

  1. Looks like a great time. 😊 I enjoyed The Vagrant and thought The Malice was an awesome book (I was surprising lucky enough to get an ARC). Have to love the Goat and the Kid! 🙌

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