My Geeky Day Out: May 2016, London.

So, I went to visit family in Northampton. Northampton is only 65 miles or so from London. That’s a lot closer than York. “We could do a DAY TRIP!” I said to my ever suffering fiancée Jenny. (In an attempt to sell her on the whole going to Northampton for nearly a week thing!)

So on Thursday the 19th May, at the ridiculously early time of 10:50 (I was still adjusting back to daytimes after night shifts, OK!),  we both caught the train to “that London”.


The 10:50 service to London contained two more than usual!


Soon after arriving we paid homage to the great beast that rules all of London, the ever hungry Elder God ‘Tee Eff Ell and made an offering, that it might bless my Oyster card. Then we made a beeline for Tottenham Court Rd, my go-to tube destination of choice. First up, Jen hadn’t yet been to the new Foyles. We rectified that! Then we ambled around the corner towards Forbidden Planet by way of The Orcs Nest.


The Orcs Nest.


The Orcs Nest is a geeky gem. Purveyor of Board Games and RPG material, it’s stuffed full of geeky treasure! Tucked away just off Shaftsbury Avenue (opposite the Popp shop), I highly recommend visiting!

(We didn’t stop by the Hotel d’Chocolat “School Of Chocolate” this time. But that’s just a few doors along if any choc-a-holics are reading!)

Next was Forbidden Planet, this was a quick visit, just 30 or so minutes were spent here reminding ourselves that if we DID buy anything – we’d have to carry it around for the rest of the day!


Don’t go in! It’s FORBIDDEN! 😉


With just a few small (and light weight) purchases we then crossed the road to The Diner. Reasonably priced (for anywhere in London) this place does awesome food and brilliant milkshakes (They offer a gluten free bun option on all of their Burgers if that helps!). I normally visit The Diner before attending an event at Forbidden Planet. It’s a tradition or an old charter, or something!

WP_20160519_12_57_02_Pro 1

Milkshakes are COOL!


All fueled up, myself and Jenny then our way to South Kensington to potter around the Victoria and Albert museum for a couple of hours. The V&A is a museum of Art and Design and is sat right next to the Science and Natural History museums. Whilst Jen pottered around taking serious and artistic pics with her DSLR, I wandered and admired various busts and statues. Apparently, medieval folks didn’t wear clothes! 😉

After emerging from the V&A, we met up with a friend of ours, just arrived from Sheffield. Now a group of three, myself, Jenny and K navigated and weaved ourselves around the ever busy Natural History Museum for an hour or so. There’s nothing more geeky than Dinosaurs! Right? (Well, maybe ROBOTIC DINOSAURS!)

Yes! Soon I shall lead an army of Robot Dinosaurs and CONQUER THE EARTH!


Anyway… Next we headed in the general direction of Covent Garden. Our mission – To secure somewhere to sit down and consume a beverage with cake or ice-cream! We found a Costa that was still open, they had some kind of cake thing for K, and a Lemon Tart for me. Tea was sipped and or slurped down, and we were once more fortified against the London air! We then walked out and crossed the road to the Covent Garden branch of Waterstone’s to attend the packed out launch of The Malice by Peter Newman. In attendance were celeb geeks such as Authors Jen Williams & Den Patrick. Super Agent Juliet Mushens as well as Mega Star Emma Newman who would Interrogate interview her husband – Peter. There was much wine and cupcakery! Read my full post on the book launch here.


After the book launch there was a migration to The Escapologist nearby where there was some mingling amongst a party-post launch atmosphere. Then myself, Jenny and K said our goodbyes and found ourselves a quick meal at The Spaghetti House by Leicester Square to fuel our various train journeys home for the night! (If you like Pasta, it’s a brilliant place to eat, it’s just a few doors away from Leicester Square tube station.)

We then made our weary way to St Pancras and said our goodbyes to K. Jen and myself then walked up the road to Euston for a train back to Northampton.

We got back in just before mid-night, absolutely knackered!


Walking around London and getting knackered earned me this badge on fitbit! 


Totally worth it!

Anyway, that was my latest Geeky Day Out. What geeky thing have you done or visited recently? Do you have any geeky stops to recommend when visiting London (or any other city!)? Tell me in the comments.

Until next time.


4 thoughts on “My Geeky Day Out: May 2016, London.

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  2. Gosh you covered a lot in one day! (Also, how did you visit so many bookshops and not end up too encumbered to move? Enquiring minds need to know)

    I live in London, but my favourite bits are Postman’s Park, Lincoln’s Inn & the John Soames museum (basically 2 houses knocked together to hold all the stuff a Victorian collector picked up abroad) and finding old bits incongruously surviving (there’s a church tower – now a house!) in the middle of a road, the old Gates, that sort of thing.

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