TV Show – Voltron: Legendary Defender (S01E01-03)

So, Netflix have rebooted Voltron. A classic (So I’m told) 1980’s series.


Some Voltron spoilers will appear beyond this point!

Now I’ve never seen the original and thought I’d give this reboot a go! This here post are my thoughts on the first three episodes which were combined on Netflix into one awesome 68 minute long intro episode. (Which is a kind of metaphor for the show, get it!)


The three part episode starts off with an exploration team on a scientific study being captured by malevolent aliens on the edge of our solar system.

One year later the episode introduces our main team of heroes to each other as well as the viewers – and how they obtain their individual portion of the titular Voltron weapon. The Voltron weapon being comprised of 5 giant cat-like space-robots. They’re also given cool looking sci-fi looking space armour with a special unique weapon. (We don’t see all of the weapons used in these episodes sadly.)

Throwing them together and setting them upon the path to (I presume) greatness is what this episode is all about.

Netflix-Voltron 2 -2016

There’s also an alien Princess they awake from a 10,000 year stasis/sleep and a bunch of mice she’s telepathically bonded to. So some weird stuff too, most of which you’re just expected to roll with and accept!

Over the course of 68 minutes, Netflix and DreamWorks have crafted a rather entertaining show. It has elements of popular cartoons from the 80’s that appeal to me.


A quest to save the galaxy from evil forces. Missing (captured) family that need rescuing! A hero with a mysterious secret. Massive and powerful Mech-Robots of awesome! Yup. I’m sold!

I really liked this show, I’m definitely going to watch the whole run on Netflix – and then I’ll probably hunt down the original too, because I’m me! 😉



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