SF/F Read Alongs: Any Other Name By Emma Newman. (Week 4)

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This read along of Between Two Thorns was organized by the SF/F Read Along group on Goodreads, and has been broken down into four, one week chunks, each week participants are asked some questions on what they think so far.

There WILL be spoilers beyond this point – and possibly swearing, prepare for profanity!

As I’ve already mentioned, here is the breakdown of chapters listed here. (Click on the links to see my posts for those weeks!)

Week 1: Monday 6th June, Chapters 1-6, hosted by Over The Effing Rainbow.
Week 2: Monday 13th June, Chapters 7-13, hosted by x + 1.
Week 3: Monday 20th June, Chapters 14-20, hosted by Lynn’s Book Blog.
Week 4: Monday 27th June, Chapters 21-End, hosted by The Illustrated Page.

The Book:

Any Other Name by Emma Newman.

Any Other Name (The Split Worlds, #2)

Thought-provoking, wonderfully inventive, and filled with treachery and mystery, the soaring second book in the Split Worlds Series pulls Cathy, Will, Max, and Sam deeper into the twisted world of Fae-touched society.

Cathy has been reluctantly married into the Iris family and moves to Londinium, the magical Nether reflection of London, setting her on a collision course with the restrictive, high-pressure social circles that demand propriety and obedience, things the vocal and free-spirited Cathy cannot abide. Will, meanwhile, is trying to find a compromise for his new bride, but whispers in his ear are urging him towards dark deeds…

Sam, determined to dive back into the world of Exilium to rescue innocents, crosses paths with Cathy and Max once again as Max and the gargoyle uncover more information about the mysterious Agency and the chain of events that wiped out the Bath Chapter. Sacrifices, terrible deals, and dreadful revelations mark this second installment of Emma Newman’s wondrous Split Worlds series.

Any Other Name is book two of the Split Worlds series by Emma Newman. Check out my posts from the Between Two Thorns read along before reading the Any Other Name posts. My week one post can be found here. My week two post here. My week three post is here.

This is my week four post for Any Other Name and things are barreling along in this final week for Book two of the Split Worlds.

Week 3: Monday 27th June, Chapters 21-End, hosted by Coolcurry at The Illustrated Page.

1. After her meeting with Miss Rainer, Cathy is determined to tackle the Agency and bring feminism to the Nether. What are her odds of success? Is Lucy a trustworthy ally?

The odds are well and truly stacked against her, Cathy faces an almost unsurmountable task. No clear way of identifying allies – let alone a means of contacting them (ignoring the fact that when we last saw her, she was gravely wounded in Intensive Care). As for Lucy, I don’t think we know enough about her yet. What are her motives, what is her history etc… So far she’s been a minor character. Too soon to say I fear.

2. Will wants another chance at a happy ending for him and Cathy. Thoughts?

Nope… That ship has been and gone, clipped an Iceberg and is taking on water below the keel. The bow of the ship may be getting higher at the moment – but we all know what happens next. Right?


3. Do you think Lord Iron is to be trusted? Is Sam making the right move by joining CoFerrum? Any thoughts on his wife’s death?

No,  don’t think for a minute that Lord Iron can be trusted. The fact he just rolls up at the end of this book, blithely claiming to have an employee doing bad… I don’t buy it! The problem is we still don’t know enough about the Elemental Court at this point. As for Leanne’s death – we didn’t actually see a body! How hard would it have been for someone using a charm/magic of some kind to have befuddled Sam into thinking he identified a body? I’m not ruling out a later appearance of Leanne – SHOW ME THE BODY!

4. Do you think Mercia is behind the deaths of the Sorcerers? If so, what sort of deal do you think he struck with Lady Rose?

No idea… at this point I wouldn’t be surprised If yet another faction was revealed to be in play! (So far we have The Fae, Nether/Puppet Families, The Agency, The Elemental Court AND The Sorcerer(s)/Arbiters. – Lots of Apprentices to Sorcerers presumably – how do they become a Sorcerer in their own right?) Who’s to say there isn’t another faction?

5. What are your predictions for the next book?

Not a clue. Presumably Cathy is going to recover from her injuries, but what about any baby she may or may not be pregnant with? What about Poppy – will he ever look at that damn painting? I have no idea. I do think that Cathy is going to try and figure out why Miss Rainer has forgotten her past – and make moves to try and save her from (presumably?) The Agency!

Other Thoughts:

Just a quick thought… Sam is now in a very unique position. He has contact with Cathy in Nether society. He is connected to Lord Poppy by way of his promise of time in service to Poppy (and thus is connected to the Fae). He is in contact with AND being considered for a job with Lord Iron (Elemental Court!)… AND he has been useful to The Sorcerer Ekstrand and Max in their investigations! Is Sam going to be the Nexus of everything to come? Also, did anyone else start groaning at Sam with his blasé belief his protection from Lord Iron would protect him from come what may? (Especially as he had no actual idea what it really meant!)

Well. Things have certainly started moving quickly in the last week of Any Other Name Read Along! Thoughts? Other Questions? Observations – screams of rage/despair?

I’ll be back for the read along to All Is Fair, book three of The Split Worlds by Emma Newman. Will you?


6 thoughts on “SF/F Read Alongs: Any Other Name By Emma Newman. (Week 4)

  1. I hadn’t really noticed that Sam is now at the centre of everything. This feels like a very awkward position to find yourself in!

  2. Good points – it never occurred to me for a moment that Leanne might not be dead! Woah – that would be a twist indeed.
    And, yes Sam is definitely in the centre of things. I don’t trust Lord Iron though – for a start off, his timing leaves a little bit to be desired – I don’t suppose he could have rolled up and spoken to Sam before Leanne died (or didn’t die). But, yeah, how come if he knows about Neugent he doesn’t turn up before the bodies pile up!
    Lynn 😀

  3. I’m not ruling out a later appearance of Leanne – SHOW ME THE BODY!

    And then show it to us again later because I wouldn’t put it past whoever is behind it to have made a fake body that turns out to be little more than an illusion if you were to check again after the spell’s run its course.

    Oooooh, good point about Sam being in the middle of everything. He really is! It’s interesting too because I tend to think of Cathy as the protagonist, but both of the first two book start with Sam’s perspective. (I peeked at the preview of the third and we don’t encounter Sam until the second chapter.) And Sam is, as you pointed out, actually more central to how everything connects up at the moment.

  4. And another thing…

    What ever happened to Max and his “contamination” with his medical grade titanium pins/plates in his leg?

    I bet that’s going to rear its metallic head at some point! 😉

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