Review: Harvest Season: An Anthology by the SF Squeecast.

Harvest Season: An Anthology by the SF Squeecast

“The cold is coming.

An orange harvest moon rises above the horizon and the chill air carries the promise of the first frost that will soon be crunching beneath our feet. There is the tang of smoke in the air, of leaves piled together and burning brightly as we push back against the darkness. It is time now, time to reap so that later it will be time to sow, time to gather in the harvest of summer past to sustain us during the long, cold nights that will arrive far too soon.

It is a time for endings, and change, and new beginnings to come.

Join the members of the Hugo Award-winning SF Squeecast as they take us on a journey around this world and other worlds not so far from our own, to places where it is time at last for the Harvest Season.”

~ Goodreads description.

The SF Squeecast was a fantastic podcast that saw a cool group of SFF writers generally squee about things that they were really enjoying (This podcast won Hugo Awards!). It was fun, positive and hugely entertaining! At some point, a number of the SF Squeecast crew managed to put together this fantastic anthology of short fiction.

Featuring stories by Catherynne M. Valente, Elizabeth Bear, Michael Damien Thomas and Seanan McGuire – This anthology is a great way to sample and get a taster of the styles of writing each author has on offer!

This anthology is great! Mostly stories (mainly novelette – novella in length) with a poem and some detailed bibliographies of the contributors (great If you want to hunt down any other short stories by a particular author).

Every story here is fantastic.
One story made me cry actual tears when it was over! (It was my favourite!)

I came to this anthology after the Podcast that inspired it was wound down. But I hope that, like the return of the seasons – the Squeecast will return. As another anthology like this one (which would be awesome!) or another podcast of some kind.

I’m not going to say which story was my favourite – they were all so good, that if you decide to give them a try, you should come to each of them untainted by presumptions.

Buy this anthology. Read these stories! Enjoy the words! There are not enough stars to give this!

Buy it on Amazon Kindle UK.

Buy it on Amazon Kindle US.

Search all other ebook stores for SF Squeecast.


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