Review: The Jennifer Morgue by Charles Stross. (The Laundry Files #2)

The Jennifer Morgue (Laundry Files, #2)

The Jennifer Morgue is book two of the Laundry Files series by Charles Stross. In this second outing, Bob Howard finds himself dragged into the machinations and conspiracies of a Megalomaniac multi-billionaire, The Black Chamber and The Laundry…

Someone has a hard-on for certain fictional spy and world domination, and unfortunately for Bob, he’s been cast in the role of the Hero British Agent. Can Bob survive the convoluted plot in which he has been dragged? Will he get the girl? Why the hell does he have cravings for a certain gin based beverage? Riffing on the Bond movie formula, The Jennifer Morgue takes all that is amazing and absurd from 007 and twists it into a pretzel that will keep you entertained for the entire ride.

This edition of The Jennifer Morgue also includes a bonus short story – Pimpf.
Pimpf is an entertaining tale of Computational Demonology, MMORPG’s and Internal backstabbing. A fun read.

Also included in this edition – An essay by Charles Stross “The Golden Age Of Spying”, where Charles Stross explores and examines the phenomena that has become the James Bond franchise. Stross has said that he watched and thoroughly flowcharted the first 16 Bond movies for research before writing The Jennifer Morgue. This essay was probably his way of getting it all out of his system once he was finished. It’s a very interesting read that mixes humour and fact to broaden your understanding of Bond movies and Spy thrillers in general – from the point of view of the Spy heroes, The villains and the real world from which their creators have drawn inspiration.

Bob Howard is a computer übergeek employed by the Laundry, a secret British agency assigned to clean up incursions from other realities caused by the inadvertent manipulation of complex mathematical equations: in other words, magic. In 1975, the CIA used Howard Hughes’s Glomar Explorer in a bungled attempt to raise a sunken Soviet submarine in order to access the Jennifer Morgue, an occult device that allows communication with the dead. Now a ruthless billionaire intends to try again, even if by doing so he awakens the Great Old Ones, who thwarted the earlier expedition. It’s up to Bob and a collection of British eccentrics even Monty Python would consider odd to stop the bad guy and save the world, while getting receipts for all expenditures or else face the most dreaded menace of all: the Laundry’s own auditors.
~ Goodreads Description.

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