Gotta Catch ‘Em All! (Pokémon Go)

Today I’m going to talk about my current Pokémon obsession, Pokémon Go.

How badly have I become obsessed by this game? Well… I’ll just say that as of today I now have three active accounts.

That’s right. I have a problem. My problem Is that I have yet to catch them all!

The observant amongst you will notice that one of my accounts is not like the others. Yup, I have a Team Instinct account too! 😉 The two Valor accounts are my main accounts. (I have two phones OK!) HishamElfar is my original account – linked to my Pokémon Trainer account. That’s the account where I learned to play the game properly (and thus made all sorts of mistakes). The HishamWade account is one I started to try again – this time I hoarded all of my stardust and candies until I could really make them count. 😀

The YellowPeriPeri account is for Gym pruning. Quite often I see a friendly level 10 gym at maximum capacity, but get annoyed when I see a level 10 Weedle or similar occupying one or more of the slots. Until recently I had to wait for another player from a different team to attack a gym before I could work to put one of my own higher level monsters in its place. But today I created a third account for Gym pruning. I may have been hungry and had thoughts about Nando’s running through my mind when I created that account… 😉

I’m really loving this game. Yes, there’s a LOT that needs improving and adding (Pokémon Radar, Trading, More Pokémon, Missing Pokémon, PokeCentres etc). But it will all come together eventually. In the meantime Niantic and Nintendo have just had their first of what I hope will become the first of many, special events. A Halloween themed weekend. It was kinda cool.


I’ve also been blessed by the fact that there is a spawn point for rare pokemon relatively nearby to where I live. Until recently I could catch at least one Electabuzz a day from this location – more If I kept an eye on it all day. Sadly when Niantic did one of their semi-regular spawn shuffles, my days of easy Electabuzz farming ended. But the good news the same spot now spawns Magmars. So, I’m still happy! 😀


If anyone else has thought about giving the game a try, I would caution you to learn from my early mistakes.

When you catch pokemon in the early levels, Keep at least one of each species (Keep the highest CP) but don’t waste the stardust or candies on powering up or evolving them until you get to a much higher level. (The exception being Pidgies, Weedles, Rattata and other extremely common monsters – evolve them in large batches in conjunction with a lucky egg for fast track levelling up!) Don’t waste the limited use Incubators on 2km eggs. Save them for 5km or preferably 10km eggs. Trust me, future you will thank me – after cursing at me about the game addiction. Use the infinite incubator for 2km eggs.

Are you playing along? Why not tell me about your favourite catch or hatch so far? Go on, make me jealous. 😉



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