Pokémon Go: What’s Coming Next?

Pokémon Go is apparently about to start to see changes. Hopefully for the better!


If like me you’re still playing Pokémon Go, you’ll have recently started seeing the appearances of Ditto in game. Niantic were very sneaky and released the previously unavailable Ditto into the game with no warning – only acknowledging it after the fact on Twitter a day or so after everyone started catching it.


An interesting observation about the Ditto addition – It was implemented behind the scenes with a server-side update, not an update to the app.

What does this mean? In previous app updates, Niantic have reportedly added data for missing Pokémon. Incomplete datasets for missing Pokémon such as Ditto, Mew etc were added to the game for later implementation. The fact that Niantic have been able to add to and complete the required data for Ditto to appear in-game on their servers means that at any time they could add via some mechanism the other Pokémon that have so far remained absent. (Source: The Silph Road)

Apparently a VP at Niantic mentioned something big was coming before the end of this year. Rumours have been circulating that there will be a massive update in December bringing new features to the game – maybe coinciding with an event of some sort. So far there has been a Halloween event (Double Candies/Increase of spooky Pokémon in game) and the more recent Thanksgiving event (Double XP & Stardust). So a Christmas/New Year event wouldn’t be at all surprising. Especially if such an event was used to launch… New Pokémon?

Rumour has it that a new feature coming soon may include Trading, which would be handy for many Pokémon in later generations that evolve through trading.

So what other Pokémon can we expect to see in the near future? Well we still haven’t seen the three legendary bird Pokémon of Kantos (Zapdos, Moltres & Articuno) – or the ever popular Mew or Mew 2. (And what Pokémon Go player wouldn’t love any of those as a Christmas gift?)


But according to The Silph Road, incomplete Data for another 100 Pokémon (From Gen 2 – Gold/Silver) has appeared in the games code. That would take us, once they’re all released in game – up to 251 Pokémon! Are you excited yet? 😀 I know I am.

Don’t be complacent though!

Several Pokémon from the Gen 2 wave are actually evolutions of Pokémon that we can already catch. So naturally now is the perfect time to start stockpiling certain Pokémon, their candies and sufficient stardust for maximum benefit later on! (Some websites are apparently listing the number of candies you’ll need for new evolotions – but I think you should take their listings with a pinch of salt, as nothing is yet confirmed!)



Bellossom is another evolution of Gloom! Unlike Vileplume though, Bellossom traditionally requires a Sunstone in-game to trigger an evolution. Currently there are no Evolution stones in Pokémon Go. In the case of the Eevee-lutions we have had so far, the selection appears to be mostly random, so expect a similar mechanic for Bellossom. Better stock up on those Oddish’s/Gloom’s and their candies!



Politoed is a final evolution of a Poliwag. If Trading is part of the rumoured December update – then the only way to get a Politoed might be to trade a Poliwhirl with a friend. Otherwise you still might need a lot more Poliwag candies.

Espeon & Umbreon

Two new evolutions of the popular Eevee. If Vaporeon is anything to go by, either of these could be very powerful and popular as a result. Start hoarding those Eevee candies now! (If they can be had via the traditional Candy/Evolution trigger that is!)



Another evolution of a Slowpoke. Again if Trading is a thing that we get – you may need to trade a Slowpoke to get a Skowking, Otherwise you may need a lot of candies!



Steelix is a Pokémon I’m looking forward to. An evolution of the criminally underpowered Onix that is already in-game – Steelix may be another Pokémon that will require trading to trigger an evolution.



This is an evolution of Scyther – an already potentially powerful beast, a Scizor could be something worth working towards!



Porygon’s are hard to come by as it is, but Porygon2 could be a really powerful addition to your combat roster!



Blissey is an evolution of Chansey. Chansey is already a hell of a tank with the current highest HP stats of any in-game Pokémon. Chansey is already a rarity – but may be even more sought after soon!

If Trading is a mechanic that is coming this December, some of the above Pokémon may need to be traded with a trustworthy friend in order to be obtained. Otherwise we might all need to get a lot more candy stockpiled to Catch Em All!


One thought on “Pokémon Go: What’s Coming Next?

  1. Great post! I really hope the 2nd gen of pokemon make their way into the game soon. I also hope Niantic patches the game’s speed limit so I can play it on the tram on my way to work 😀

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