Pokémon Go: The Pokémon Go Plus Accessory.

Pokémon Go Plus is the accessory that everyone playing the game needs.


I wasn’t going to do another Pokémon Go post so soon, honestly! But Today my Pokémon Go Plus accessory finally arrived – and I couldn’t resist!


As you can see, It’s rather small in my hand – but I do have big hands! In the box was the Pokémon Go Plus device with a belt clip on the back. Also inside was a wrist strap. There are also two identical instructional papers (Each in different languages – because the UK is still part of the EU.). That’s it – it’s a small box.


Setting it up for the first time was simple enough – once you figure it out. Once connected to your phone – you can now wander around with the phone screen turned off and the phone in stand-by! It’s a much better experience than having to worry about your phone staying on. I presume the battery life of my phone is going to see a benefit too! (Hopefully!)


To switch between the belt clip and the wrist strap is not a quick and easy task. You’ll need a tiny headed Philips screwdriver to remove the back cover from the device – to replace it with a different back cover that is attached to the wrist strap.

When out and about, the Pokémon Go Plus will help you track your steps – resulting in Eggs getting closer to hatching/Buddy Pokémon finding candies. But you can also use the device to catch Pokémon within range (Using regular Pokeballs only – using Great/Ultra balls will require you to get your phone out). You can also get items from Pokestops too. Both catching Pokémon or using Pokestops can be turned on or off in the settings of Pokémon Go.

I presume other functionality will be added as the Pokémon Go game is updated and expanded. (The device can display up to 7 different colours – but only three are currently used when the device is used.)

It’s still too early for me to give a proper verdict on this accessory, but It seems promising. It also has the advantage of only costing £34.99 from the Nintendo.co.uk store (Which is a LOT cheaper than an Apple Watch!). Sadly Nintendo are still limiting (When they’re actually in stock) purchases to one unit per customer, otherwise I would have bought more than one as part of my Christmas shopping for my friends! 😉

Look out for more mentions of this thing as new updates are rolled out to the game and I get around to blogging about them and it!


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