SF/F Read Alongs – A guide.

On my blog you’re going to see quite a few posts titled/tagged or described as part of a Read Along. But what is a Read Along?


Well, over on Goodreads, there’s a group that I’ve somehow became a part of – SF/F Read Alongs. The group picks one or more books to read together at the same pace (more or less). Split into four weekly chunks, each week is assigned a host. That host will then set some questions for the participants to think about and discuss. It’s basically a fun online book group.

Not every participant will follow along with every Read Along. Some won’t be able to keep pace every week either. But that’s fine. The Read Along group is friendly and flexible – we all know and understand that life doesn’t always make itself compatible with our online or reading habits. Not everyone will even bother to write up their thoughts or musings. That’s ok, the Read Alongs are meant (as I understand it) to be a fun way for folks to discover books that they may not normally read, or interact with like minded readers.

There’s no pressure applied to anyone else to participate actively. It’s all for fun and the enjoyment of reading great books!

If you love Scifi, Fantasy or other genre books, give it a try, dip your toe into the water and see if this sort of thing is for you?