TV Flashback – Earth: Final Conflict.

Ignored by most as inconsequential when compared to the behemoth that is the Star Trek franchise, Earth: Final Conflict was one of several Roddenberry TV projects that deserve a second look.

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It’s My Birthday and I’ll Cry If I Want To… Or Maybe Just Shoot Everyone With Lasers!

Saturday was my birthday, I turned Thirty-five. In the run up to the day in question, my friends were being super secretive and sneaky – But not in a very subtle way. So I knew something was being planned, just not What.

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Dysprosium, aka EasterCon 2015.

This year I attended my first Easter Con. (Easter Con is the British Sci Fi Convention, like World Con – it moves around every year.) It was held within a literal stones throw from Heathrow Airport at the Park Inn hotel. This years EasterCon was Dysprosium, The 66th EasterCon.


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