TV Show – Voltron: Legendary Defender (S01E01-03)

So, Netflix have rebooted Voltron. A classic (So I’m told) 1980’s series.


Some Voltron spoilers will appear beyond this point!

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TV Show Cancellations: Then, Now and in the Future…

Traditional TV networks are declining, Online only services are ascending. In the modern connected world in that we live, where a TV show will have a global audience – I put it to you that TV networks are fast approaching a tipping point. By deciding the ultimate future fate of their established shows (Agent Carter, Person of Interest etc) based upon US viewing figures and other US domestic data points – They are rapidly going to hit a point where they will not be relevant enough to survive.

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Sense8: The best show to come out of 2015? (Contains Some Spoilers!)

sense8Netflix recently unleashed Sense8 upon its subscriber base. The latest in a steady stream of “Netflix Originals” and in this blog post, I’m going to squee and generally be very effusive of it. WARNING: There will most definitely be spoilers!

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